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The unique physical item from Art Style Story # 1.1 - 4/5 



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  • Product Details

    Necklace Material: 925 Sterling Silver

    Color: Mixed Colors

    Bottle Material: Glass

    Bottle Closing Material: Cork, Metal

    Inside Bottle Material: Mini Seashells in various forms, colors and shapes, Handpicked

    Necklace Length: 18 inch // 45 cm

    Necklace Width: 1 mm

    Bottle Height: 23 mm

    Bottle Diameter: 12 mm

  • Further Informations

    + The physical artworks can be used as a decorative element for home or human, as a necklace or amulet, or as a pendulum for spiritual light practices. The remote Reiki healing vibrations will also be delivered to all who engage with them in digital form.

    + Please keep in mind that by natural law the real colors may be different from the pictures. As our beautiful bodies that carry our souls through this dual human experience use different devices with different displays, display settings and color codes produced by different manufacturers may also vary.

    + Regardless of your beliefs this is a wearable physical and digital token to serve as a reminder of things you seek to bring into your life. Energetic healing methods are used for sustainable and holistic support of the healing process and do not replace professional, medical care. Legally, we must point out, that the content from this page is for entertainment purpose, and if you suffer from serious health conditions, you should consult a health specialist.