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Art Style Story # 2.1

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Since the beginning of recorded history, the "Kings of Gemstones" have been coveted and fought over by all civilizations. With their beauty and brilliance, diamonds are not only a prime example of perfection in nature, they have also been attributed enormous powers since time immemorial, which made the diamond the most famous of all gemstones and the linchpin of countless legends and stories that inspired numerous books and Hollywood movies to this day. It became famous not only for its virtues, but especially for its phenomenal and feared curses. According to the legends, the positive properties of the diamond turn into negative ones and are turned against the owner, when originally or directly acquired in a dishonest or brutal way, or given with evil intentions.


But if a diamond is acquired in a pure and honest manner, its owner shall be assured that the positive powers and properties of the diamond will manifest in his/her life. Nowadays, however, the sourcing of natural diamonds faces enormous environmental and ethical challenges that make the acquisition of innocent diamonds nearly impossible. Fortunately, stories always come with heroes who rush in to save the day. Driven by innocent and pure love, and the hope for a loving and bright future for all of us and our planet, Levi and Tal, both children of diamond jewelers from Antwerp, the world's capital of diamonds and diamond jewelry, took charge.


With Parnusée they provide us with their "Labbies". Laboratory diamonds completely identical to mined diamonds, which, thanks to modern cutting-edge technology and imitation of the natural process of formation, can not be differentiated even by experienced gemologists. Thus, our new-age heroes break the modern curse of diamonds and give us again the opportunity to enjoy their pure beauty and use their powerful and positive properties for ourselves with pride and a clear conscience. And at the same time, in two respects, they do not cost the world.

Learn now more about the stone of victors in PART 2 (of 5) of Art Style Story #2.1


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"Diamonds are forever"

The diamond is a rare mineral with superior physical properties and is the hardest known natural substance on earth. Known and coveted as the "Stone of Victors,” it was believed to give also to its owner extraordinary strength and power, invincibility and indestructibility, as well as courage, bravery and determination. Worn on the left side, it was supposed to ensure victory over enemies, in court and in war, provided the cause was just. Thus it adorned the head, skin and clothing of numerous kings and queens, emperors and empresses, as well as pharaohs and pharaohesses, including Julius Caesar, Louis IV and Napoleon, who drew inspiration from it for their victories and growth on various levels.


As a symbol of material and immaterial abundance, wealth, prosperity and harmony, even today the diamond is said to help us build on our success and realize our goals, desires, dreams and intentions by attracting optimal opportunities and creating a harmonious working atmosphere. Especially when a higher goal takes precedence over our personal desires. Also when dealing with situations of pressure, a diamond lends strength and helps us to respond with grace. It shows us how to be a model of steadfastness even in challenging times, and reveals to our soul the knowledge and understanding that this is exactly what constitutes our true, inner beauty. Thus, the stone would help us to look positively at life's struggles and hardships, surrender to the intransigence of fate, and use life's lessons in a positive manner for our growth.

The truth, nothing but pure truth in PART 3 (of 5) of Art Style Story #2.1


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In its raw, as well as its polished form, the diamond shows us what is unfolding in the unseen. Throughout history, it has been used cross-culturally as a metaphor for a perfect form of truth, and according to the German mystic Hildegard von Bingen, sucking a diamond even keeps one from lying.


In the Rigverda, the oldest Hindu scripture, Indra, the king of the gods, slays sinners and demons with the swing of his Vajra trident. While "Vajra" is often translated as "thunderbolt," it also means "diamond," which has been adopted by later Buddhists. The entire system of Tibetan Buddhism is a form of "Vajrayana" Buddhism, which literally means "the diamond way" or "diamond vehicle." In Buddhism the diamond is a symbol of pure insight, and in the Diamond Sutra, Buddha teaches us to "cut through" delusion to find the pure truth.


The ancient Romans and Greeks not only believed that diamonds were the tears of the gods, the Romans also honored the goddess Angerona, the goddess of silence and stillness, with diamonds. She is the protector of secrets and is depicted with a bandaged mouth and the gesture of silence, a finger in front of the lips.


A Chinese legend speaks of a miraculous diamond throne that stood near the Tree of Knowledge, under whose branches Gautama Buddha is said to have received his revelation of truth. The throne is said to have come into being at the same time as the earth, and its foundation was at the center of all things. It had a circumference of one hundred feet and was made of a single diamond that remained immovable even during heavy storms and earthquakes. On the throne, the thousand Buddhas of Kalpa had settled down and fallen into the ecstasy of the diamond. In the meantime, however, the world has passed into the present and final age, and sand and earth have completely covered the throne, so that it is no longer visible to the human eye.

Still visible are the secrets of the rainbow. Reveal them now in PART 4 (of 5) of Art Style Story #2.1


# 2 . 1 - 4 / 5


The diamond is a high-frequency stone of light. It is clear and pure, but contains all colors at the same time, just as white light itself contains all colors. It is unique in its ability to reflect, split and scatter light. Consisting of pure carbon - the foundation of all life on our planet - its carbon compounds form an extraordinary, three-dimensional cubic crystalline lattice structure at the atomic level, which is almost perfectly symmetrical, so that it refracts light in all directions at the same speed, revealing the full spectrum of the rainbow. This is how the diamond shows us that there is an essential unity that underlies all things. It is also said to permeate all levels of the self with the full spectrum of light, bringing people's bodies, minds and spirits back into all-encompassing order and balance.


Experienced gemologists can recognize the diamond by its exceptionally strong luster alone. Probably also because of this, diamonds symbolize the sun in the center of the solar system. Through a single sparkle, it takes us into its infinite depths, in whose silence we find space for self-reflection, peace, hope and wisdom. Its clarity is also intended to bring clarity to our minds. Its glow and reflection are supposed to inspire imagination and ingenuity, encourage abstract thinking and inspire creativity, imagination and innovation. It is said diamonds open the mind to the new and possible, revealing new doors whose existence previously surpassed our consciousness.


Its crystalline, mechanical perfection also gives the diamond the highest conductivity for heat and electricity of any natural substance. Perhaps this is also what helps to make it such a deeply spiritual stone and a symbol of perfection and enlightenment, serving as an intermediary between human and divine consciousness. Thus, it is said to open the self to significant visionary states, showing us hidden potentials that are just waiting to be given time and attention to unfold their full splendor and beauty.

Find out now how to find your place in the universe in PART 5 (of 5) of Art Style Story #2.1


# 2 . 1 - 5 / 5


Due to the abilities and healing properties attributed to it, the diamond is also described as "light at the end of the tunnel", and represents the dawn after a dark night of the soul. It is said to bring light into the darkness and make us look into the future with confidence. Known as "master healer" and "miracle stone", it is believed to bring not only physical, mental and soul health, but also a sense of radiance and loving energies so that we can feel lighter and more joyful. The diamond would have the ability, just as it does with light, to absorb, sort and amplify energies, impressions and atmospheres of its environment. The latter also to intensify negative energies in such a way that they then can finally be "broken through" and blockages can be finally dissolved. However, it is not only supposed to heal, but also to continuously protect us from negative influences and energies that affect us from outside of ourselves.


Diamonds, with their high frequency vibrations, also represent purity and innocence, love and devotion, ethics and strength of character, humility and loyalty to self and others. They shall not only inspire self-love, self-respect and self-confidence, but also convey trust and confidence in interpersonal relationships.


Thanks to all its properties and modes of action, the diamond supports us in recognizing our place in the universe and seeing things as they are. Thus, it is said to promote inner peace, serenity and a natural flow of physical, mental and spiritual energies so that we can bring forth the brightest and best version of ourselves to shine our purest light into the world.

Become now enchanted by the beauty and perfection of innocent and pure diamonds, and be inspired to live a life full of possibility and abundance.


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