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for sustainable

high quality style

brands and concepts.


Our storytelling contemporary art style gallery with its collections is here to celebrate magnificent creations, brands, concepts and stories made in the world of sustainable high quality style (jewelry, fashion, interior, ...). We connect the physical with the digital world and create with our temporary exhibition showroom a data base for you to find the best shops to decorate yourself and your surroundings with a good environmental conscience.


Through the connected stories we bring your awareness from the sustainable products themself to their true value, meaning and impact, highlighting deeper knowledge about creators and choices of creation, such as materials used and modes of action.

Besides this online gallery showroom, we publish and sell the digital artworks with their linked stories, in form of collectible, digital style tokens somewhere in between style consumer goods and artworks, as NFTs. This is how you can support your favorite creators, acquire a financial investment asset, and help this WALL OF FAME grow at the same time.


Über uns: Über uns
  • Dive In

  • Get Inspired

  • Explore Stunning and Unique Stories

  • Find the Best Sustainable Creators, Conceptes, Fashion, Jewellery and all kind of Style Brands to Decorate Yourself and your Surroundings

  • Support Them and Yourself

  • A Smart and Beautiful Investment in the Future



My name is Miriam Elting, and I am the HEART behind MANICAINBETWEEN. My professional background covers art, media and illustration design, as well as marketing and entrepreneurship.


I am manic creative, deep, highly sensitive and I love to connect science and spirituality, as well as the digital with the physical. I love to surround myself with people that are better than myself, to support others with my knowledge, and I live as a curious, minimalistic nomad. Furthermore I do cherish a deeply sustainable mindset with passion for style, fashion and beauty in perfection.


Nowadays we know that this passion should be a kiss to our beautiful planet, and I am delighted by the creative and forward-thinking approaches that already exist in this industry. That is what we are celebrating on this platform, with the aim of drawing further attention to the brands, the vision of supporting further development, and to take them on the road into the new digital worlds.

Stay healthy, stay blessed!

Portrait Miriam Elting



"Manica" is Sinhala (spoken in Sri Lanka) for "Precious“ or can simply be used as a term of endearment:

"(Mage = [my]) Manica“ = my TREASURE, my JEWEL, my PRECIOUSNESS, my DARLING, my GEM, ....

"In Between" stands symbolic for balance, wisdom, and peace. It refers to the space between thoughts, and to products between consumer goods and artworks.

Image by Damnikia

For Lovers Of The Planet Earth, World and Soul Travelers, Spirituals And Scientists, Light Workers, Star Seeds, Energy Healers And Those In Need, Awakened Ones, Everyone Seeking For Deeper and Higher Wisdom, Investors, Collectors And Enthusiasts, That Appreciate The Gifts Of Mother Nature As Much As We Do.

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